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Art of Healing Physical Therapy Philosophy

Those who work with their hands are laborers

Those who work with their hands and head are craftsman

Those who work with their hands, head and heart are artists.

St. Francis of Assisi

Art of Healing is based on the belief that the client and the practitioner are the artists in the healing process. Healing is not linear and is unique to each individual. I approach each patient and treatment session as a fresh opportunity for that person to heal and grow. My job as an artist and physical therapist is to be a facilitator in your healing process by recognizing and releasing myofascial restriction, reducing pain, increasing freedom of movement, providing appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises to support new found movement and to prescribe self treatment to prevent restrictions from redeveloping.


The client is not a passive receiver but an active participant in their healing process not only with participation in a home exercise program but by increasing their awareness of their bodies and awareness of their belief systems that may be perpetuating a chronic condition or pain. "The body is the unconscious mind." -Joe Dispenza

By being present and aware of their bodies and thoughts and by taking care of their bodies with exercises, stretches and movement and pruning their thoughts, they actively create an environment beneficial to healing.


I recognize that healing is physical, emotional and spiritual and there are many avenues of healing. I may be but one component on your path to healing and my job is to integrate my knowledge base with my intuition to facilitate your healing process. I feel that the practitioner and the client are both artists in their own right, coming together to create a tapestry of healing that is unique to each individual.  

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