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Continuing Education




2022            Neural Manipulation 1: Barral Institute

2022            Mobilization of Visceral Fascia: The Digestive System: Herman and Wallace

2021            Mobilization of Visceral Fascia: The Urinary System: Herman and Wallace

2020            Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Level 1

2019            APTA Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1

2010            Manual Ligament Therapy

                     NAIOMT: 610 Level IIA Lower Quadrant

2009            When the Feet Hit the Ground Everything Changes                

2008            Vestibular Rehabilitation- Evaluation and management

2007            The Running Course

                     Pilates Mat II

                     Diane Lee and Linda Joy: The Thorax and Shoulder Girdle, an Integrated Approach                        

2006            Diane Lee’s Lumbar Pelvic-Hip Complex: An Integrated Approach        

                     Mulligan’s Nags and Snags for the cervical spine

2005            Dizziness and the Unbalanced Patient

                     Geriatric Strength Building

2004            Advanced Competency in Evaluation and Treatment of Complex Balance Disorders    

                     Increasing Balance and Decreasing Falls Risk Using Tai Chi        

                     Current Concepts for Knee and Shoulder- George Davies        

                     Jones Strain Counterstrain I, II, III. 

2003            Keeping your Center of Gravity Over Your Base of Support            

                     The McConnell Patellar Femoral Treatment Plan

                     Manual Therapy for the Thoracic Spine and Rib Cage

2002            Advances in Examination and Treatment of Patients with Selected Shoulder and Knee Conditions

                     Intensive Training on Trigger Point, Myofascial and Proprioceptive Therapy        

2001            Review of Common Orthopedic Surgeries of the Peripheral Joints        

                     Differential Diagnosis Level One (Part A and B) NAIOMT

                     Diagnosis and Treatments of Musculoskeletal Imbalances for the upper    and Lower Quadrants: Carrie Hall, PT                                            McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for the Lumbar Spine

1999            Physical Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation


2023, April 29-30, Bellevue, WA: Myofascial Mobilization

2019, September 24-29, Sedona, AZ: Myofascial Release III

2019, September 22-23, Sedona, AZ: Subtle Energy Therapy: Level 1

2018, April 23-27, Sedona, AZ :Therapy for the Therapist

2018, March 12-14, Sedona, AZ: MFR Unwinding (repeat)

2017, March 31-April 2, Bellevue, WA: MFR I (repeat)

2017, February 9-12, Sedona, AZ:  Women’s Health

2016, October 10-14, Sedona, AZ: Skills Enhancement

2015, June 25-28, Sedona, AZ: Advanced Myofascial Unwinding

2014, November 7-9, Vancouver, BC: Fascial Pelvis (repeat)

2014, April 3-6, Sedona, AZ: Myofascial Release II

2013, June 24-25, Sedona, AZ: Myofascial Release Healing Course (repeat)

2013, June 20-23, Sedona, AZ: Myofascial Rebounding

2013, February 14-17, Sedona, AZ: Cervical-Thoracic

2012, June 4-6, Las Vegas, NV, Myofascial Unwinding

2012, May 31-June 3, Las Vegas, NV: Myofascial Release I

2011, September 30-October 2, Portland, OR: Fascial Pelvis

2011, June 20-22, Sedona, AZ: Myofascial Healing Course

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